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Thats not Good ! Y25-II

Jan 4, 2008
Yamaha Y25 mkII Long Beach, Ca.
Had a halyard block failure on our first real shakedown sail with the new sails on Syntonos. Weather threw us a curve with chute up. Boat was very comfortable in the 12+ winds buzzing along at 7+knots . I happened to be filming at the time of failure.

You can view the video on you-tube
halyard failure

My youtube page is syntonos

Video resolution got messed up somehow I'll fix it when I get some time.

Fully expected to find weak points as I dial up my sailing. Just not this soon.

Still Having Fun...... headed for the woodshop!



Aug 30, 2010
yahama 25 Hong Kong
mine one one more block along the bottom part of the mast for the halyard , so the uplift force from the halyard becomes only partially vertical , that redcue the stress on the timber rail.
Jan 4, 2008
Yamaha Y25 mkII Long Beach, Ca.
Spinnaker Halyard options

Thanks for the input boffin, I thought of that but chose to stay with the original lead as I like the layout for quicker hoists and dousing. Check out my latest post to see how I handled the repairs.