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starting batteries charged but no power to panel


Jul 27, 2020
oday oday 34 Chareleston
My panel has no power but charging batteries are charged and starter has no juice bilge pun also no power. I have not had this problem before so I look to the board for assistance.
Dec 14, 2003
Hunter 34 Lake of Two Mountains, QC, Can
Check & clean your battery terminals. No power to panel, and none to the bilge. Since bilge pump is normally wired directly on the battery, I would probably suspect problem with the negative side. Not a bad idea to clean both sides anyway.
Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
Using the least to most investigation procedure, try rotating your battery selector switch a few times to ensure it's making contact.
Sep 4, 2007
Hunter 33.5 Elbow, Saskatchwen, Can.
Possible ground wire issue. I would check all the grounds, batteries, engine, etc.