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Seafarer 34 port side settee bulkhead issue

Feb 5, 2015
Seafarer 34 Florida
I'm very sure I want to buy a Seafarer 34, however there's only one issue I'm concerned about. In the photo below, you'll notice the bulkhead is missing its lower portion by the fire extinguisher. Does anyone know if this is structural? It looks like it might be the result of a dinette to settee conversion. You can also just see a wooden post running next to the compression post that it looks like the bulkhead is tacked on to - is this an indication that it's not structural? Thanks!


Dec 25, 2008
Catalina 34 St. Simons Island
My guess is that the bulkhead is not supportive since there is also a compression post. I suggest contacting Jason Sinclair who has completely restored a S34 and sailed her in the Bahamas. I don't know if Jason monitors this forum. His web site is SAILING CHANCE http://www.sailingchance.com/

Just tell Jason I referred you to him. He's a super nice guy. BTW, I'm pretty sure he's going to put his S34 on the market because he is looking for a larger boat. His boat has a lot of nice upgrades and custom work on the interior.

Let me also invite you to join the SEAFARER YACHT GROUP on Facebook. We are the largest owners' group in existence dedicated to this brand boat. https://www.facebook.com/groups/seafareryachts/

Good luck with the boat!

James Newsome
Feb 5, 2015
Seafarer 34 Florida
Thanks - but had to pass

Thanks Jason! Unfortunately, it turned out many of the bulkheads suffered from rot and none of them were tabbed to the hull and they all wriggled a bit. I agree the post would take care of vertical forces, but the bulkheads did cause me to worry about side-loading forces, so I decided to pass. Too bad though because she would have been great!