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san juan 34

Jun 15, 2010
Hunter 326 Bronte Outer Harbour
I just bought a San Juan 34. She has great bones, but the interior is a little spartan. Looking for a salon table and some cupboards for above the galley. Also the
Cabinetry around the head has been removed.

Any help on sourcing these items would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
May 20, 2016
Clark San Juan 30 Blaine WA
I have a 30 and did all the cabin myself I just found it to Hard to find stuff. Do you still have the fabric headliner if so change it to a dimpled fiberglass. I got mine at home depot about 25 a sheet and is very easy to put on. and for the cupboards I had some built by a friend. I have completely redone the interior 4 times in the life time of the boat not because it wears out but I am always finding new ways to make it look nicer the fold down Table I used piano hinges and just tuck the sides in when up They can be made into an Awesome looking Boat inside with just a little imagination Have fun and do things slow you will enjoy adding new items.