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San Juan 23 pendulum stabilized non encoding wind indicator replacement

Sep 6, 2020
Glenmore Boats Commodore 15 Calgary
Hello, I am involved in restoring a San Juan 23 at the Calgary Yacht Club in Canada. The wind indicator is broken: the weather vane portion (a black plastic casting) has snapped off. Also one of the black reference tabs is broken. I have looked on Ebay and West Marine for a replacement and can find none. Also I have tried the Binnacle and the Yacht Shop in Halifax, and a supplier in Vancouver, without success. I tried searching the net using "Clark pendulum stabilized wind indicator" (since the boat was made by Clark Boats, which has since gone out of business) also without success. I went to a local marina shop and looked at a Davis Windex 15 and the portion attaching the instrument to the mast is not the same thread as ours. A short threaded 1/2" 13 NC portion screws the device into the top-of-mast aluminum casting. The device is a pendulum stabilized non-encoding indicator. Where and how can I get a replacement? - Ian Douglas

Jan 22, 2008
Islander Freeport, 41 Ketch Longmont, CO
The parts you need are pretty basic. You could make them out of any plastic or metal with minimal effort.

The tab is just that a flat piece of plastic with a hole in the middle the wind vane is just a balanced wind vane (look online for a pattern). I would replace the bolts. and threaded parts which should be available at most hardware stores.

Interesting concept for a wind vane.
Jan 1, 2006
Slickcraft 26 Greenport, NY
...Interesting concept for a wind vane.
I never thought about what bias would be caused by the canted angle of the wind vane while the boat is heeled. "Pendulum stabilized." Clever. Would it make a difference?