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S2 6.9 owner new to forum


Nov 16, 2020
S2 6.9 Grand Slam Spokane, WA
I just discovered this forum and am looking forward to chatting with other S2 6.9 sailors about our terrific little yachts. I have owned my 1984 model, hull 098, for about ten years and sail the boat from the trailer at numerous locations around my area. I live in Washington State where S2 yachts are just about nonexistant. In fact, I had to go to New York to get my boat. I have never seen a 6.9 anywhere out west. I would like to share information and experiences about the boats since I'm kind-of lonely out here! I have done a fair amount of work on the boat, re-coring decks, creating an efficient mast-raising system, some rigging modifications, keel repair, etc. Are there any 6.9 owners active on the forum who want to compare notes?
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Jan 1, 2006
Slickcraft 26 Greenport, NY
Welcome to the forum. I'm not surprised to see that the S2 is an oddity in the PNW. This forum includes sailors from wide across the country and internationally. Hopefully you'll get some dialog going. Try asking a question and post on ASK ALL SAILORS. The brand specific forums sometimes don't get as much response because sailors might be reluctant to reply if they aren't owners of that brand.