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Rudder Tube Rust

Oct 28, 2019
Hunter 38 North Shore of Boston
I had the cockpit sole up today to run nmea2k to the helm. While I was prepping to run the wire I noticed that the tube the rudder stock goes through is corroding and there are quite a few hairline cracks in the area. Is this abnormal? Something I should be worried about? Something that needs to be repaired ASAP?

Looking for some suggestions on how to explore this and what needs to be done.



Jan 26, 2005
C&C 110 Bay Shore, Long Island, NY
That looks like a serious problem. It's difficult to tell from the photos but I'm pretty sure this is the lower rudder tube. Check the exterior of the hull around the rudder tube. This problem could lead to a major breach of the hull. Heavy weather, a soft grounding or snagging a lobster pot might be all it takes to cause water to enter the boat or worse. It's worth further investigation.
Oct 28, 2019
Hunter 38 North Shore of Boston
These pictures are from above in the cockpit. There’s a panel of the cockpit sole that pulls up to access the steering linkage. This is where the emergency tiller attaches at the top of the rudder.
I’m going to take everything out of the lazzarette this week and inspect the tube from below the deck. I sanded the bottom paint last week and didn’t notice anything off at the rudder post at the hull connection.