Racing the Capri 22


May 8, 2015
beneteau first 310 Oklahoma City, Ok
We have been club racing a 2004 tall mast race rigged Capri 22. Doing Ok racing but losing out to other PHRF boats. We have a new Dacron radial cut 155 head sail and a decent North Dacron main. How can we rig the boat to perform better?


Jun 29, 2014
S2 7.3 Fond du Lac
How do you do upwind against the other boats? Generally speaking, racing is about upwind performance-unless you are in a spinnaker class-then all bets are off.
If we use my 150 we can’t point as high as we can with my 120 and the extra speed we get is cancelled out by any extra tacks. Also we don’t get through the tacks as fast with the 150 as we do with the 120.
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