Quick question - raw water intake hose type/size Hunter 40.5

Mar 4, 2019
Hunter 40.5 Richmond CA
Hey all, you might have seen my other thread about my "new" hunter 40.5 purchase.

I am away from the boat but need to replace the raw water intake hoses as they're original and cracking. That's the only safety issue.

My question is this: does anyone know the type and size of the hose? It's a yanmar diesel 50hp. How universal are the water intake hoses?
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Page 61 of the owner's manual posted on this site under 40.5 downloads indicates the coolant water line is 1 inch diameter.
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Dec 15, 2019
Hunter 49 San Diego
I just changed mine on a Yanmar 110 hp. It was 1 inch inside diameter. I used the raw water/wet exhaust hose type. It was very expensive. About $500 for 35 feet. I replaced the hose going to
and from the strainer, which is far from the inlet.