Question for rardiH36 regarding inside Jib tracks


Dec 13, 2013
Hunter 36 Victoria
So I remember reading a while ago that rardi was installing inside jib tracks to help point better but haven't heard from him in a while.
I'm curious - did it work out? And did any other 36 owners do it? If so, did it increase pointing enough to be worth the hassle?
Jun 21, 2007
Hunter Cherubini 36_80-82 Sausalito / San Francisco Bay

I'm not checking the forum much these days. But did see your query of the other day.

I'm doing fine. But wife's been ailing for the last year or so, and other than medical appointments, is house-bound. I don't feel right about disappearing for a good portion of the day. So taking some enthusiasm away from boating.

To your question: I did start the inside track mod ... on the starboard side only. But didn't completed. The reason: Our Cherubini 36 deck layup complicates. Near the cabin top, the deck has no core (no sandwich of 1/4" top FRP + 3/4" wood + 1/4 bottom FRP). Only the 1/4" top FRP layer. Underneath is a void space where the 110v outlets and interior lights are mounted and wiring is routed. Yes, say 3/4 holes can be drilled upward through the liner. Then the track bolts could be simply fastened to the top 1/4" FRP. But I was concerned about overstressing/cracking the FRP since it was missing the "I-beam" rigidity. And I couldn't "epoxy pot" each bolt hole to prevent water seepage. I did conceive a work-around but which required much more time and steps. And still might have failed over the years. But I bought everything and was ready to go. Then other life stuff (as above) interrupted.

I had decided to go-ahead with the project even though experiments with barber-hauling indicated only modest pointing improvements with sheeting angle being more in-board. But even "modest" would yield a several hundred yards better up wind outcome over a few miles of close haul.

Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
experiments with barber-hauling indicated only modest pointing improvements with sheeting angle being more in-board.
@Alctel I would encourage your experimentation thru the use of a barber-haul/tweaker.
Only you can access if the effort will be worth the work of refitting your boat. Most times such work is done to address a racing need. The tweaker is a common way of accomplishing this on a boat that is not raced all of the time. The marginal change while important to racing has less of a need while cruising.

The great thing is your boat and your choice.


Dec 13, 2013
Hunter 36 Victoria
I'm really sorry to hear about your wife Rardi.

I didn't realise that the deck was hollow there - that definitely complicates things. Maybe I'll experiment with the hauler/tweaker as suggested to see if I can get any improvement.
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