Poulsbo HAPS Sept 6-8, 2013 Summary

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Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
Dave, terrific write up. Dave and Susie Bill and Jeannine, great work.


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Hi Mike,

Here's recap to the Uffda Harvest Rendezvous held was last weekend in Poulsbo

We had 11 Boats attending:

Gary and Laurie Coykedall on Laetare
Rich & Leslie Hunt on Shiloh
Mike & Nancy Mariano on Dolce II
Fred & Caroline Marcinek on Earrame
Greg & Maggie McGuire on Ceilidh
Brian & Mary Scott on Too Cool Runnings
Ben & Emmelie Stewart on Yikes

Dennis & Nancy Treat on Cat's Paw

Larry & Sue Tughan on Beverly Jane
Dave & Mary Weale on Dulcinea
Bill & Jeannine Bramstedt on J Michelle
Dave & Susie Garland on Footloose

...and Rich & Linda Bryan (currently boatless but with Dave & Mary Weale on Dulcinea)

Cameo appearances by Mike and Ruth Murray who drove in to say hi.


Friday Night Happy Hour....Lots on good conversation about stories of summer trips taken aboard our boats in the Puget Sound and beyond

Saturday Breakfast... Serving Bill's, now famous, special "Viking Toast" and plenty of other fix'ns, almost derailed by our heavy use of electricity in the Poulsbo Marina Meeting Room that constantly tripped the circuit breakers.

Saturday Event.. Ole and Lena'a Shopping Spree. Dave gave a colorful introduction describing, those odd Norwegian characters, Ole and Lena, and the activity for every couple to play Ole and Lena for the day to visit the shops in Poulsbo and fictitiously spend a "t’sand" dollars that they received from their wedding reception held at the Sons of Norway Hall the night before. Prizes were given for the most creative entries and most colorful presentation.


Laurie and Gary Coykedall for best presentation. (Laurie had the best Norwegian accent!)
Greg & Maggie McGuire for most creative story (Didn't know we had a novelist in the group!)
Rich & Leslie Hunt for Cutest story and presentation (Ole & Lena are quite a cute couple!)
Mike & Nancy Mariano for making us laugh the most ( Mike, How do they think that stuff up?)

Saturday Happy Hour.... Opportunity to sample some good Scandinavian treats like 2 kinds of sardines, pickled herring and herring in sour cream (yummy) and Jeannine's homemade Salsa (Harvest entry! J) No Lutefisk was in sight, Thank you!...Dave & Susie also contributed a bottle of Aquavit with shot glasses to toast to our health and etc. to get the party started.

Jeannine and Susie tested our ever deteriorating memory with "What's in the Bag? Game giving every couple 20 seconds to look in a bag and then write down the contents. We still have some pretty sharp people in HAPS...Gary and Laurie remembered the most items and Brian & Mary (always the tough competitors) a close second.

Saturday Harvest dinner...another HAPS foodie extravaganza!

The main dishes provided by the Bramstedt's and Garland's were homemade Swedish and Norwegian Meat Balls accompanied by cooked potatoes for the yummy gravy. Many Hapters asked for the recipes so they are attached. For those wishing to try the recipes, both recipes had added ingredients (not in attached recipes to create more gravy). Swedish Meat Balls had can of Cream of Mushroom Soup with milk added and the Norwegian Meat Balls had beef broth added.

As usual, everyone added to the harvest feed by bringing their favorite side dish and desert. Hapters, again, ate well! Thank you all for contributing to a fine meal!!

Evening Entertainment.... After Dinner, Dave coordinated "Ole and Lena Joke Night" (sometime Sven and Tula as well). Everyone was asked to bring their favorite Ole and Lena joke to tell the group. Even the shy Hapter had a chance to get in on the fun because Dave had a bunch of jokes written down to be randomly selected by all so those that can't remember jokes and didn't bring any to give everyone a reluctant opportunity to tell a joke. Some were jokes were printed on green paper that were slightly "off color" (but not too dirty) to alert the joke teller of a few embarrassing lines in the joke. J Dave started off the joke telling after a few shots of Aquavit. Nearly everyone participated with a surprising number of attendees bringing their own jokes. In all, there were lots of laughs and a few groans but everyone had fun. It was hard to pick a winner for joke night so everyone won due to the endless laughter.

The evening ended with a bonfire in the park for those not yet ready to retire to their boat for a rest after a long day.

Sunday Brunch.... Coffee was ready early and a continental breakfast was served before everyone departed on a beautiful cloudless day back to their home ports.

All in all, The Uffa Harvest in Poulsbo was another successful HAPS Rendezvous.

Respectfully submitted as a substitute to Mike's excellent rendezvous wrap ups.

Dave Garland, S/V Footloose

HAPS Meatball Recipes.pdf
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