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Paint for plastic portlight surrounds

Apr 2, 2021
Hunter 38 Ft. Pierce
I want to repaint the yellowed and discolored but otherwise serviceable portlight surrounds on my H38.

Has anyone done this in the past and can recommend a suitable color matching paint?
Jun 14, 2021
Olson 30 30 Oakville
Suggest you Wash them thoroughly, rinse and dry.
Apply a top quality primer like STIX
The primer is the key.
Paint as you wish.
Don't use epoxy paint as the UV will destroy it.

Apr 2, 2021
Hunter 38 Ft. Pierce
I know there are plastics paints specifically for this purpose. I've gone down this road on a few airplanes I've owned where what looks like the exact same type of plastic has yellowed. In that case I used paints from SEM that were color-specific.

I'm looking for the same color matching specific plastics paints.
Jan 24, 2017
Hunter 34 Toms River Nj
rustoleum spray paint white gloss from lowes home improvement
Did mine five years ago still look new
Replaced one port lite last year and it is completely yellow from the sun
All the others that were spray painted look like I did them yesterday.