On '95 MacGregor 26C, which halyards would you put on port, and starboard side.

Sep 20, 2011
MacGregor 26 Lake Waccamaw, NC
Mast has the step halyard plate already installed. I've got the blocks and two organizers, one triple sheave and the other double along with new longer halyards. Have not installed them yet. Wanted recommendation on which lines to run on port, or starboard side. Mainsail has slides, definitely be raising and lowering from cabin, along with the jib. I'm thinking I definitely need the ability to raise and lower the jib/genoa with a line, but not sure if it is necessary to set up the main that way. Looking for suggestions on what lines to run where. I single sail a lot. Thanks.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
On my boat the jib/genoa halyards are on port side... the mainsail and spinnaker halyards on the starboard side. There are winches on both sides that serve them. Control lines, such as vang, Cunningham, fore guy, tackline, etc, are near enough to those winches in case I need them. I do all my reefing at the mast.. so those lines don't run aft.

Btw, the cleats for your halyards should be place forward of the winches... this allows you secure them independently if you want to use the winch for something else. Very common on any boat.


Mar 20, 2014
Hunter 31 828 Shoreacres, TX
On my boat the spin and genoa halyard are on the port side along with the outhaul. On the starboard side I have the main halyard, Vang and first reefing line. All six come through clutches with a cabin top winch available on each side. I single hand a lot too, For what irs worth I also made sure my traveler lines and main sheet, reached back to the wheel so I can adjust all sails from behind the wheel
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Jan 8, 2015
MacGregor 26S, Goman Express 30 Kerr Reservoir
My 26S also has the jib halyard on the port side, with the down haul right next to it. The main is on the starboard side as well as the spinnaker halyard.