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New-to-me sei...25 project begins!

Oct 13, 2015
Seidelmann Seidelmann 25 Virginia
Hello folks,
I'm a "new to me" Seidelmann 25 owner. Bought her on the cheap, yet to take possession of her because I'm trying to find a marina near me (within an hour drive of Northern Virginia) that doesn't cost $300 a month. She's still in the PO's slip but I've taken her out once. Going to be doing some work on her interior soon and will need lots of advice. She's a 1980 Seidelmann 25 with a 9.9 evinrude and no thru-hulls, completely epoxied over deck and bare interior hull, no cabin lights, no wiring except safety lights, a vhf, and motor connection, single battery.
I'm thinking of 1) Rewiring with cabin lights, a cabin fan, mounted chart plotter, USB outlet and a spotlight, 2) Carpet lining the deck, 3) foam backed headlining the interior hull, 4) refinishing all the wood (There is a "galley" and a bulkhead of where the porta-john used to be), 5) mounting a porta-throne, 6) bleach cleaning the fresh water tank (It hasn't been used in at least 9 of the 35 years that I know of), 7) bottom scraping and painting (I'll have a professional do this) 8) Adding a 2 battery bank and keeping the single for a starter (I like my gadgets :D).
I'll be bugging all of y'all for advise as time flies!

Ward H

Nov 7, 2011
Catalina 30 Mk II Barnegat, NJ
Welcome and congrats on the boat. Sounds like you have a good clean slate to make this boat your own. Your list looks good but I do have two comments.
1. We day sail mostly but if we needed water I would just buy a jug or two of the water where there is a faucet in the jug. Mostly a few 20 oz bottles is all we would need to an overnight outing. One less system to maintain.
2. I had always planned on a second battery and even wired for it when I did my rewire. I have found in 3 seasons that the one battery will support OB power tilt and start, GPS Chartplotter, Tiller Auto Pilot, misc LED lights and iPhone charge with just the minimal charge it gets from the 9.9 OB with charging system that runs about 3//4 hr total each time I go out.
The battery goes in fully charged, I charge it again about half way through the season and I fully charge it when the boat is pulled.
So I never did put in the 2nd battery.

Of course, you use could be wildly different from mine requiring the 2nd battery and water system.
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Oct 13, 2015
Seidelmann Seidelmann 25 Virginia
Thanks ward,
I had to give up my plans years ago with a 25 ft Coronado because of health issues, I find myself able to continue on without a problem hence the jumping in with both feet.
I plan on taking a couple of jugs of water with me. It just bothered me that there was a system installed that wasn't used. If I find it to be damaged or unusable I fully plan on removing it at some point and using the space in a more productive way :D.
I'm hoping to install in the near future... a full sound system, a tv, charging capability for my laptop, more cabin lights and a couple of fans. I'm going to start off like you with wiring for a house bank + starter but upgrade as I go along only if needed. I'm assuming the TV, the sounds, and the laptop will be a fair pull on the battery. I'd like to make this an island hopper in a couple of seasons, hence the over the top capacities.


Jul 10, 2007
Seidelmann 34 Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Bleach will eventually cause the Grey colored water line Seidelmann used to deteriorate, especially the elbows if any are installed.