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New stereo and windlass switch

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Jan 22, 2008
Hello Fellow Sailors,

Our old cassette stereo died a while back, finally gave it up, died in it's sleep.

We installed the Sony DSX-M100 and it sounds great. Has no cd player but instead
a compartment inside with a USB connection to plug any MP3 music device, ipod, iphone
blackberry, memory stick etc.... also has an external aux jack. And is satellite ready.
We are very happy with our choice. I was concerned I may have to replace the 20 year old the speakers to really get a good sound out of it but not so, those old speakers got a second life, amazing !

Installing the new stereo was fast and easy which is a rarity on a good old boat, an easy job ??? Unheard of.

Next I replaced the on deck windlass switch that had died, it was an old through deck push button combination switch and solenoid in one. I considered going for a low voltage switch / solenoid combination but in the end got a high voltage switch and no solenoid. Less parts to buy, no wires to run, less things to break down later.
The disadvantage of the high voltage switch is that it is huge and black so it looks
funny on deck but I figure if I paint it over it won't be very noticeable at all.

Well the to do list is two items shorter, I'll see if I can get it down further before it
gets longer again.

Fair Winds,

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