Need an Isomat mast for a 30 T 1989 to 1993...

Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Kenyon Isomat referring to Isomat was located in Charlotte NC which was purchased by Z Spar in the 1990’s but for reasons left the country. Re-emerging as Sparcraft in Charlotte, you may want to see if they can help you. You may have to go through Rig Rite.
Aug 5, 2021
Hunter 30 T Traverse City
Hey guys appreciate the leads but hoping one of the used / salvage guys sees my request.

This age boat isn’t worth $10 to 12k for a new mast. I snapped the top of the fractional rig in a 60 mph squall and we are just trying to get it sailing again. I have seen pics from the last couple hurricanes down south (FL) and saw sunk 30 T’ s and they had usable masts. Somebody out there has to be sitting on one. Here’s to hoping, lol.
Mar 20, 2011
Hunter 31_83-87 New Orleans
below is a list of companies I contacted when searching for my replacement mast on a H31 in 2018.. a lot of these are hit or miss depending on what they may have in inventory. its worthwhile to contact them and if not available ask who they typically work with on salvage boat parts. they may have other leads that pan out. good luck with the hunt. let us know how you make out in finding your replacement mast.

Monkey Fist Marine – (where I found the mast thru) Randy 409 539 0309 (text only)
Sailors Exchange (904) 808-0667
US Auctions (Online Boat Auctions) No direct phone contact details, email only
Certified Sales (S. Carolina) 843 563 9199 (Jeff Palmer – mobile 843 789 0357)
Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage (Connecticut) 860 395 4746 or
Trident Marine Salvage (Florida) 727 895 1355 or for parts (
Don’s Marine Surplus & Salvage (Florida) 727 576 8577

also try
Harbor Shoppers in USVI Home | Buy And Sell Marine Parts And Goods, Quickly | Harbor Shoppers Phone: 1 (800) 484-0367
Boaters Resale Kemah Texas Home . The Boaters' Resale Shop of Texas ( Phone 713-614-8884
Used Boat Equipment Used Sailboat Masts and Booms (
David Beaton & Sons Boat Yard (732) 477-0259