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Minifish outstanding condition. keep it oem?

Oct 10, 2015
AMF/Alcort Minifish Lake Belton
Boat condition:
I got hold of an Alcort Minifish, everything OEM, almost perfect except the halyard and the bridle line. (ropes; short, worn and weak from age... easy to deal with. Main sheet looks like a new one)

Yes, the OEM sail is in good condition. (which is really surprising for an appx 30 yr old sail)
I saw worse condition sails on Sunfish that were less than 3 yrs old when I was actively sailing.

Very minor surface scratches on the hull. Looks like they'd buff out.


Noting differences in the rigging vs late model Sunfish I'd kind of like to make the changes, but considering this is already a somewhat uncommon hull would that be a mistake?

Main issues being:
It doesn't use the ratcheting block/pully for sail control, just a cast sort of hook bolted to the front of the cockpit
No hole in the daggerboard for an eye bolt to affix a bungee.

Secondary is the placement of a cleat on the Mini where the Sunfish had a fairlead and then there's no cleat behind the mast on the mini.
This makes tying the Halyard a real pain because the cleat is small (like I'd expect for 1/8 line on a flagstaff...) and the halyard line is 5/8 (maybe OEM halyard was smaller...)

Also some later Sunfish had a cleat on the mast which really helped with raising the sail and securing the halyard.

So, do I go for ease of operation, changing hardware (drilling as little as I can) or leave it OEM?
Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 37 C sloop Punta Gorda FL
You need to decide if you want to sail it or look at it.