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Macgregor 25

Apr 11, 2020
Hunter 170 Grapevine
Well..... not quite :what:. The 25 has an iron 650lb swing keel, wile the 26 has water ballast and a center board. sleeping accommodations under the cockpit in the 26 is something I would prefer over my 25, but other than that I prefer the 25......... plus the 25 can be had for a couple K less than the typical 26D or 26S. I bought my virgin, fresh water only 25, fully loaded with 6hp 2 stroke outboard, for $3100 5-6 years ago.

Ah, thanks for that. I think that fact was lurking in the back of my mind! I recall some of the cautionary tales of issues with that keel-raising mechanism being a potential point of failure/maintenance issue. I broke the centerboard cable on my 26S once but was still able to raise the centerboard easily by looping a rope under the boat. Replacing the cable required a little breath-holding, but I was able to do it without having to hire a diver.

I would be interested to hear from from someone who has sailed both the 25 and the 26S or D as to the difference in how they handle, particularly in regards to overall stability and heeling.

Great price on the 25, by the way. My 26S was similar (fresh-water, trailer-kept, fully equipped) for $6900.
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