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Line Cutter for Prop -Caravelle

May 4, 2015
Does anyone have experience with a line cutter for the prop shaft. Have looked at a few, but curious on the experience of others. I have the original 2 bladed prop. First season in Maine I was very careful whenever motoring, so no issues yet! I keep a wetsuit onboard, and weight belt ete for just in case.
Feb 10, 2004
Hunter 40.5 Warwick, RI
I use a serrated circular blade to protect my feathering AutoStream prop. As long as the tangling line is attached at one end so that it pulls tight across the blade it works fine. However if you pick up a piece of floating line it will wrap and not cut.
I like its simplicity with no moving parts.
A friend has a circular blade that is not serrated. He has not complained to me about it so maybe that design works well also. When I bought mine I thought that the serrated feature would be superior.