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Lewmar port lights

Jun 4, 2020
Hunter 26.5 Cheney Reservoir
My 1996 Oceanis 281 has six older style Lewmar port lights. I have heard of other folks who have replaced various parts on these windows and I am confused about the references to "O rings" and gaskets. Where are the O rings located and are parts readily available for these older ports? From other posts it would appear that these windows are prone to leaking as they age and I would like to address this issue while my boat in on the hard and covered. Thanks
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
You might get lucky and have a model number stamped on the inside frame, other wise you will need to measure the dimensions of each then match the specific Lewmar model. I am in the process of replacing old, tired and pitted anodized aluminum framed Perko portlights.......but because they are no longer manufactured and a non-standard size (7-1/2" x 16-1/2")I had them custom fabricated by Man Ship in Taiwan with stainless steel frames and tinted tempered glass and they are currently on ship expected to arrive late August.

I have seen references to portlight gaskets and seals (O ring, if one piece), which I think are used interchangeably like on this link LEWMAR Portlight Seal Kits | West Marine . Others in the forum might clarify. Lewmar and marine chandlerys sell portlight seal kits: Seal Kits - Standard Portlight (New) | Lewmar if you can match the portlight dimensions and seal configuration. Post #3 in this thread describes the procedure to replace Lewmat portlight seals and lenses: Replacing Seals and Lenses on Lewmar Portlights | SailNet Community



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Jun 4, 2020
Hunter 26.5 Cheney Reservoir
Thank you. I think my model literature mentions the what size the portlights are. I know they are the "old" style.