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Leaving water ballast in water?

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Jim Motley

Does anyone know how long you can safetly leave a water ballast boat filled and in the water? Any blister or delamination in the tank possible? Thanks

Kelly Canady

I don't know!!

I don't know, but would like to learn more about water-ballast boats. I have a friend that is considering buying a w/b boat and I would like to share any info with him. I have heard of some concerns, but have never used a w/b boat, nor do I know anyone with one. (Does that say anything about them!!??) Anyway, I will be watching for a response. Happy sailing!! Kelly Canady

Dave Struthers


Hi Kelly, We have had our w/b catalina 250 for 2 years now. We like it a lot as long as you understand that like any compromise there are trade-offs. The 250 is a light to medium air boat. We got it because of the ability to trailer. Only takes about and hr from parking lot to sailing. We like the profile, and interior layout much better than any other w/b we were seeing, even though it doesn't point a high to the wind as the traditional 25's, and has a tendency to heel quickly. I have met serveral folk since who bought McGregors and were very disappointed. We sail on the Columbia River in WA St. and run into some pretty stiff wind and wave conditions. We just reef, flatten the sail and all seems to go well. Ours has a swing keel and is great for gunkholing in shallow waters. Sleeps 4, (2/3 comfortably) ice-chest space, head with potapotty(some have installed marine type)stove,sink, 5 gal water tank. There are web sights that your friend might want to look at: Catalina 25/250 Assoc..www.best.com~/c25c250/index2.htm Trailer sailer,www.trailersailor.com mirical max, www.cornchex/stanford.edu /miraclemax/logbook.htm The 25/250 home page has a forum open to non-members inquiries. Nice folk there and they are helpful. The site also has brochures and manuals which will give a feel for the boat. The best bet of course is to make a friend who has one, and bum a sail. We are always checking and making changes (propane stove,larger water tanks, tuning, etc ) but I think that is inherent with owning any boat. Good luck. If I can do anything more let me know. dstruther@kalama.com
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