Leaking Lewmar Hatch Rebuild

Aug 21, 2020
Oday 40 Dalhousie Yacht Club
On an information search to identify the lewmar hatch style and sizings on my 87 ODay 40. I believe they may be the rollstop model.

My plan is to remove, remove any wet deck core, cut new acrylic, replace the seals, and rebed.

Any info on sourcing materials or tips on the process would be great.
Jun 1, 2007
O'Day 322 Mt.Sinai
Try looking here. I replaced mine on my '87 O'Day 322 with medium profiles I got on sale from Defender. Pretty much just swapped them out, after cleaning up a bit with some epoxy. If you're using the same ones, just go for it. It's a straight forward job. If you have any core rot just scrape it out and fill with epoxy.

Aug 7, 2015
Oday 34 previous, O’Day 40 current Annapolis
you can contact Hatchmasters.com for replacement parts (203.866.3767). Thry're pretty good to work with.
Mar 24, 2012
O'Day 40 BC Coast
You should be able to find cast acrylic at a local plastics shop. I found that to be a lot cheaper than Hatch Masters. I've done a couple of my smaller hatches but the large 2 had to be replaced because the frames had cracked under the hinge where they were welded. Take a good look at that area because it is a common problem with them. Mine were "SuperHatches" so if yours are the "Rollstop" you probably don't have that problem.
I bed with butyl tape from "Marine How To".
I replaced the 2 large ones with a pair of Ocean 60's. Pretty much a drop in but the mounting holes are different so you have to redrill them and take care of the old ones.