Lead Ballast - Alden Mistral - 981G

May 19, 2008
Hi folks: I have weeping at the seam of the lead ballast on the forward part of the keel. There is evidence of rust on the recently sealed (w/ non-toxic epoxy based paint) nuts of the keel bolts located in the water tanks. Further to this there is a dripping of very black liquid from the rudder gudgeon which I had repacked and sealed a year ago. I am concerned that this is related by somehow the water seeping aft after having entered the seam of the lead ballast. Unlikely but has anyone rebedded that lead ballast or had experience in this described issue? Thanks.
Feb 22, 2006

I have a Mistral, 981-A. We talked some years ago. I don't know how much this will help.

Several years ago I received from Alden a spec sheet for my boat. The spec sheet states that the lead ballast is to be fastened with 3/4" bronze bolts and nuts. Assuming Halmatic followed the spec sheet, I doubt that the problem is "rust". Also, those keel bolts are a long way from the rudder. It's hard to believe the two problems are related.

Also, for what it is worth, I removed the upper pintal from my rudder. This had been bedded in with what I assumed to be 5200.

Bill Merrick
S/V Carmina
Seattle WA
May 19, 2008
Hi Bill: wondering how your vessel refit is progressing. I have been a poor correspondent on this website partially becasue, quite frankly, it is difficult to naviagate.

I decided to remove the entire led ballast which was VERY interesting and re-bed and re-bolt it on. Quite simple, actually, though I had someone perform it. Last year I had the rudder rebuilt, too. So, I am off and running, a bit at a time.

I expect to shove off for Bermuda next summer for the Marion-Bermuda race, a cruising class race celestial naviated class. Hacve done it three times before but never aboard TI. I am persuing a modification for a nav station and wonder if you have run across one in your travels and knowledge of this design. Please hollar if so.

If I could figure out how to upload some picures, I would like to send some.....or, give me your email address.

Not knowing how often you frequent this site, I send my best,