Key Lime Sailing club, reviews?

Jul 13, 2010
Precision 23 Perry Hall,Baltimore County
I just stumbled onto the website for cottages and Catalina 22's. Very interested in that, anyone been there? Key Largo.


Jan 26, 2005
C&C 110 Bay Shore, Long Island, NY
My wife and I were there in 2014. The accommodations were clean and the decor was "creative." Decorated with garage sale items best describes it. Each cottage was assigned a Catalina 22 for your exclusive unlimited use for the duration of your stay. You were limited in how far you were allowed to sail from home base. (approximately 2 miles) The boats were in pretty rough shape. The sails were one season old and looked like they were ready to be retired. We also had the use of a few other small water craft such as a Sunfish and other inflatable toys. The sunset views were beautiful. If you're looking for 2 star accommodations and like to sail more than you like to hang out in your cottage, this is the place for you. We had fun but we also have a great sense of humor. We would have had a hard time spending more than three nights there.
Dec 1, 2020
Hunter 44 DS Deale, MD
My son and I stayed there in 2018 for a few days while we were taking scuba classes nearby. We really enjoyed everything about it. We only took out the sailboat one day, but everything worked just fine. Not new, or beautiful, but perfectly good.

I agree with Ted above. The place accommodations were clean, comfortable (the AC worked great), and creative. The cabins have all been expanded on several times over their long lifetimes not always evenly. So, you might have an 80's kitchen with a 2000's living room, and a 70's bathroom.

The people there, both staff and guests were great. The waterfront beach, tiki hut, and all of the water toys are all shared resources. We got to know many of the other guests as we hung out watching the sunsets. It quickly felt like a little community.

I'd definitely stay there again!

Oh, and when we were there, right by the entrance was a boat that looked like a flying saucer, and a giant rocking chair. So, expect things to be .... quirky.