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Islander 28

May 24, 2015
Islander 28 Palm Coast
Hello fellow sailors. I have just bought a 1984 Islander 28 and the roof lining was torn and very dirty so the previous owner stripped it out. He didn't take any photos so I'm at a loss to know how to replace it. A few photo's would be very helpful. thanks in advance.
Apr 5, 2015
Islander 26 Little Creek Navy Base
I have a Islander 26'. My headliner is fairly good condition, but both sides need replacing due to port light leaks. You will probably need to have it custom made. I am debating whether or not to rip everything out myself.


Jun 1, 2010
Islander Bahama 30 Elk Rapids, MI

On my Bahama 30, the headliner was good when I bought the boat, but the sides around the lights were torn and rotted from leaking windows. You can fix this yourself, but its a fair job. I tore out all of the headliner in the main cabin with the exception of the very top. I took out the windows, ordered replacements from Mark Plastics, and dug out all of the rotted plywood.

I replaced the rotted plywood with 1/4" ply and epoxy. I then covered the whole area with 1/8" teak plywood and routed out the window holes. Let me know if you decide to do this and I'll send more complete instructions.

Once the teak was in place, I installed the replacement windows per Mark's instructions (use SilGlaze) So, all I have with headliner is the very top. Let me know if you want pics. I'm heading to the boat later today and will post a couple if that would help.

May 24, 2015
Islander 28 Palm Coast
Thank you Katica I.m wondering if the 30 is the same as the 28. It's the wooden trim which is the problem I have most of the bits but the previous owner took it down and didn't have any photos.
Jan 30, 2010
Islander 28 Bayview
I have a 1984 Islander 28. With vinyl zippered headliner. Want me to take pictures of it?