Islander 26' manuals/schematics

Apr 5, 2015
Islander 26 Little Creek Navy Base
Do any of you Islander owners know where to buy manuals or schematics. I have a 1977 Islander 26', and have been digging around the internet and have not found much.
Jan 14, 2014
Newport Newport 28 Fair Haven, NY
There's definitely not much out there on them. What little bit I've found as far as diagrams go, are here (which you've probably seen already)

They did have a couple different layouts over the years, notably with or without the galley. Manuals would be almost non-existent at this point, I'm sure, if they even had anything originally. With such a small run overall, it's not too surprising.

Is there anything in particular you're looking out for? I can try to help in whatever way I can.
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