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HAPS June 14-16, 2013 Kingston Rendezvous

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Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
What a great weekend!!! The weather was perfect, the food superb, and the company fantastic. It seemed as though all eleven boats had arrived by 1800. The delicious light eats Friday night provided by hosts Brian and Mary Scott and Larry and Sue Tughan were sufficiently heavy that dinner, later that evening, was a tough decision. The fleet walked to the "Filling Station" and enjoyed a delightful late evening dinner on the deck with a tremendous view of Mt Rainier in the background.

Saturday morning all hands enjoyed a continental breakfast. A nautical crossword puzzle was handed out to each boat to be turned in at the evening's festivities. Friday evening and Saturday morning a short review was held concerning rules of the road, navigation lights, and sound signals.

Kingston had a fair of sorts on the green and Edmonds, just a short ferry ride across the sound had activities that the members enjoyed. Light maintenance and boat washings were easily done in the still perfect weather.

Brian and Mary Scott delighted the fleet with tours of their stunning new Hunter 40, "Too Cool Runnings". The golden tan hull color by Marine service Center, the killer whale and text graphics by Prism, and superbly crafted dodger bimini by Iverson made a good looking boat exquisite. Since this was the first cruise of "Too Cool Runnings" an appropriate christening ceremony was conducted with all HAPS members displaying the proper decorum. A short primer on the history of christenings was read prior to the sponsor, Mary Scott, officially christening the boat with these words, “I name this ship, Too Cool Runnings. May she bring fair winds, safe passages, and good fortune to all who sail on her.” With that champagne was sprinkled on her hull and the ceremony was over.

Dinner was truly a feast. BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, cole slaw, salad, and sliced fresh fruit. This is the third year year of this particular feeding and it never fails to satisfy all appetites.

Sunday morning the hosts treated all to a Father's Day breakfast including fruit, eggs to order, sausage, hash browns, yogurt, coffee and juice.

We were happy to see Fred and Carolyn Marincek at the rendezvous. Work and commitments permitted them only attending the June 2012 Gig Harbor affair last year. Dee and Judy Johnson rejoined the group after a three year hiatus. The group also gave a very warm welcome to new members Mike and Nancy Mariano. Their new to them 2008 H36, "Dolce II", looked positively immaculate.

Of the eleven crossword puzzles turned in five of them were correct and small prizes were awarded. The really difficult task was the poster board that displayed 41 black and white aerial photos of northwest harbors. The winners, with 13 correct were Dave and Susie Garland. Second place had eight correct. The lesson there is that we have to get out more or schedule more rendezvous. A raffle was held for one night free moorage at the Bremerton marina and that generated another $65 for our fund.

There was some discussion about taking maybe two weeks next August for a cruise in numbers north. No specifics as yet but the seed has been planted so we will keep watering this idea. It would be fun to tag along with friends who have been there and done that. More to follow at future rendezvous.

Speaking of future rendezvous

June 28-30 All Signature Rendezvous in Poulsbo. Pleas contact Tori Parrot at 206-284-9004.
July 3 Impromptu raft up at Poulsbo to view fireworks. No host event.
July 26-28 Hunter Rendezvous at Port Ludlow hosted by Marine Service Center
August 16-18 Bremerton Marina hosted by Gary and Laurie Coykendall and Mike and Ruth Murray
September 6-8 Poulsbo hosted by Bill and Janine Bramstedt and Dave and Susie Garland
October Foss Waterway, Greg and Maggie Mcguire and Dave and Mary Weale
November Annual dinner and election of officer at Brian and Mary's House

Our son, John, brought the 1980 Catalina 25, "Chariots of Fire", that he and his sister Christine Murray, Capt US Army, share. He and two of his (WSU) college roommates sailed it from Bremerton Yacht Club to Kingston on Friday, then to Pleasant Harbor on Saturday, and Sunday to her summer port of Tahuya. Not a bad first voyage for the newly restored vessel. John called me Saturday and asked which side of the Hood Canal Bridge to transit and I emphatically replied the east side and to look for the highest span. He said but there is alot of sand there and what was the vertical clearance anyway. I said 55' and your mast height is 32' but don't look up it will only scare you...and there is plenty of water. He posted 77 great pictures on Facebook.

Although no mention was made of it at the rendezvous Gary and Laurie Coykendall flew the biggest American flag. She streamed proudly from the masthead and looked like a proper battle ensign.

Attendees included

Mike and Nancy Mariano in "Dolce II"
Bill and Jeannine Bramstedt in "J Michelle"
Dave and Mary Weale in "Dulcinea"
Dave and Susie Garland in "Footloose"
Fred and Carolyn Marincek in "Earrame"
Dee and Judy Johnson in "Lady Kintyre"
Ben and Emmelie Stewart in "Yikes"
Larry and Sue Tughan in "Beverly Jane"
Brian and Mary Scott in "Too Cool Runnings"
Gary and Laurie Coykendall in "Laetare"
Mike and Ruth Murray in "Wings of Gold"
John Murray in "Chariots of Fire"

Again, great turnout, great boats, great folks.

One more time, Brian and Mary, Larry and Sue...thanks for a wonderful time. We all appreciate your time, efforts, and company.

Mike and Ruth Murray
HAPS Fleet Co-Captains 2013
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