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Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
Hi folks,

A reminder that HAPS will kick off our 2013 season with the “Chart Chat” at Bremerton Yacht Club, at 1800-2100 Saturday March 2, 2013. 2700 Yacht Haven Way, Bremerton, Wa. This is a potluck. No assignments really bring what you want to eat. We will review the upcoming rendezvous schedule, our finances, swap maintenance tips, talk about new gear, fantasize about exotic destinations, and generally lie about how fast our boats are. Please let me know by February 25th if you plan to attend. If you have reciprocity with BYC you are welcome to come by boat but I need to know that ahead of time also.

The weather forecast for this boating season is 12-14 kt winds from the southwest, clear skies, fair temperatures and no rain on the weekends so it should be a great year.

Mike and Ruth
HAPS Fleet Co-Captains 2013
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