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H280 Rudder Depth?

Jun 4, 2020
Hunter 280 280 Lake Norman
Does anyone know or know where I could find specs on the draft of my rudder? I can only find specs on the keel (5' for fin, 3'6" for shoal). I have the fin keel. I have the orig ppwk with the same pics found on sailboat data. Nowhere does it say what the rudder depth is. I'm considering backing in to my slip - the depth comes up quickly and just want to know I have plenty of clearance if someone comes by throwing a wake...
I'm 'bout to jump in with a tape measure but figured I might find the answer here and spare myself the swim..
Thanks all.
Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
How much depth do you have where the rudder will be? The deep draft keel has a rudder slightly shorter than the keel. But not by much.

If you have 6 feet of water there, probably ok. If you have 5 feet, you will be close…and any less than 5 feet depth is not going to work.