Found a C28 ONLY site, great wiki with links to everything

Nov 22, 2019
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I love this forum, but there is another I frequent, a discussion group ONLY for Catalina 28 owners. I tend to go there for their Wiki, which has links and info for all the systems in the C28, the MKI and MKII with all engine variants. Also lots of projects and mods with pictures, descriptions etc.

It's a free group, uses the platform. You can go here to join:
or just go to and search for Catalina 28. I think there are about 300 members.

It's another nice tool in the toolbag when you are having issues or want to share ides.

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Feb 26, 2004
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Almost all one design Catalina boats have their own actual websites! A few only have groups on yahoo or google. We've been doing this for years, because all of the Catalinas have their own associations, too. There is also a quarterly magazine.
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Oct 22, 2014
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I looked at the site Stu. They spend a bit of time telling everyone about the Catalina 28 Association. The claim is that the message system site software is brand new and "state of the art". Easier to use than any other site.

Time will tell.
May 31, 2004
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A big second for the Catalina 28 owners group site. Tons of fabulous info/project ideas/history/documents in the wiki and the site folders. Because of the input and advice that I've received on the site, my learning curve with this boat was a lot shorter, and my life a lot easier. For instance, I was able to track down a leak easily because someone on the site said it sounded like it was caused by debris in the cockpit locker drainage slot, a relatively common affliction for these boats (who knew?); damn if he wasn't spot on.

The site recently moved from Yahoo to .io because Yahoo groups made some fundamental changes to how their groups worked (something to do with emphasizing discussions over repositories). Thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated members, the move was very smooth.

And Harry is being modest. The Wiki is his doing. A real treasure trove.