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First sail with P18

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Dec 1, 2008
Hunter 216 Lake Pleasant
After practicing assembly in the driveway for a week, I was able to splash my new (to me) P18. Big wind - 18-25 - all morning. Finally dropped to 8-12 at launch, and was all over the map the rest of the day. Everything from no wind to 20 steady gusts.

Crew where 8 year old, 13 year old, and 50 year old - never sailed a day all together.

I got to try out the spinnaker and took some nice video and screen captures. Everything worked well and we just had a great time. Need to address some issues like too small on the furling line, fairleads for the spin tack and furler, and the backstay adjuster and vang need smaller line.

Very satisfied with performance and easy of setup. We will see what she is like on a more standard day of drifting to - 8knts.



Nov 24, 2010
Starwind 223 "Respite" Redwing, Mn
Sounds like a great time...Welcome to the forums...
Jul 13, 2010
Precision 23 Perry Hall,Baltimore County
Congratulations. In Baltimore, Md. I had my first splash about 2 weeks ago. My wife and I are rookies, just getting to know this boat and sailing. Lake Pleasant N/W/ of Phoenix?. My son lives in Paradise Valley, I visited in Feb. and we toured around the lake,lunch at the floating marina. I think I spotted a p23 tied up there and wondered what sailing on that lake would be like. Sounds like it`s pretty good. David
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