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Finally finished my strip ceiling!

Sep 30, 2013
1988 Catalina 22 central Florida
Our Vega came with white foam headliner-type material on the sides of the hull, but after 39 years it was finally peeling off. I spent weeks trying to eradicate the adhesive residue, trying every solvent you can imagine. It was stupendously tenacious. In the end, I found that a couple gallons of acetone, a big stack of fresh rags, and several barrels of elbow grease was the only way forward. I deliberated replacing the headliner material with more of the same, or just painting it, or installing a strip ceiling ... finally decided on the last.

I couldn't justify teak strips. They would have cost more than the value of the boat. I settled for marine-grade sapele veneer plywood (all the other interior wood is sapele), which I ripped into 1.75" strips, with varnish on the pretty side and epoxy everywhere else. I epoxied some furring strips (just exterior-grade plywood, thoroughly painted with epoxy) onto the hull and went to work screwing the strips in place. I used no adhesive, although I might add some in the future if needed.

I thought I'd post a couple pics here on the brand-new Albin forum! Sorry no cushions on the boat yet, except for the seat-backs in the saloon.

Furring strips in the V berth ...

Finished product in the saloon:

Couple different lighting scenarios in the V berth ...



Jun 29, 2021
Albin Vega San Francisco
Greetings Gene!

I love the wooden side liners that you put up. I just purchased a vega, and as a personal preference- I cannot stand the white vinyl liners. I have been considering ripping them out. Do they serve a function? Can I get away without them? If I do, I just might try to do the same thing that you did here.

Your interior looks double plus good, so reap the rewards that you have sewn.
Take care,