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Failed hour meter on Bavaria 41,2004

Feb 17, 2021
Bavaria 41 Olympia
Anyone have their hour meter fail? diagnostic path for this? Can engine hours, RPMs and temp be run to chart plotter for display? Requires special sensors? Parts source?
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
I'll take a stab at some of this.
Anyone have their hour meter fail?
This can happen is several ways. Depends a lot on how your system is designed. What year is your Bavaria 41? Is the meter a separate meter or internal to your Tachometer?

diagnostic path for this?
Would need the particulars of your boat to even take a stab at this.

Can engine hours, RPMs and temp be run to chart plotter for display?
The simple answer here is Yes. Doing it will require some hardware and a way to connect to your specific brand of Chart Plotter. Your Chart plotter may or may not be able to display this information depending on its capabilities.

Requires special sensors? Parts source?
I believe Yacht Devices may be able to help you in this area. Marine electronic products from Yacht Devices
Feb 17, 2021
Bavaria 41 Olympia
Appreciate response! Hour meter is dark but RPMs show on analog meter fine. Located in cockpit in Bavaria's starting cockpit module that includes heaters for cylinders, alarm, and starting button. Standard from Bavaria. Maybe only choice is to replace whole unit. I cannot see any wiring diagram for this unit. Since i can't hear the high temp alarm or low oil pressure alarm I figured I might get engine based sensors that will come from Volvo. Any thoughts on dead hour meter on a Bavaria 41, 2004 with D 55 Volvo. rear cockpit.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Have you looked closely at the gauge? Its there a name or model number on the back.
Bravaria builds the yachts. They buy the gauge from someone. That is where you need to look. just like if you had a ford truck. They buy the gauge from someone like "Delco". If you have a problem you look up Delco not Ford.

Assuming here. But sounds like the digital lcd is dark. Not getting power or has just failed. These can be replaced or maybe not. If you know the size of the gauge, you can find a manufacture that produces a replacement. VDO or Sierra are just two makers. Remove and replace is the trick. You need to know and understand the wiring on the back side so you can make the proper connections.

If this is not something that feels right for you to do, then you would be money ahead to get a marine electrician who can examine and replace if necessary.
Jul 23, 2009
Beneteau 31 Oceanis Grand Lake, Oklahoma
This is a known failure with Yanmar hour meters. The lcd can be replaced. Mine has failed but it's low on the repair list. I've seen repair kits for sale. Maybe the same for your Volvo, maybe not.
Aug 28, 2006
Bavaria 35E seattle
I bought this replacement LCD unit for my Volvo MD2030 gauge panel. However, I haven't done the replacement yet. I did buy a cheapie battery powered vibration unit that's used on tractors etc. I placed it directly on the engine. It's worked fine for the past 90 hours just so I don't lose track of hours while the panel one crapped out. Here's the VDO replacement source (only $16):

Nov 19, 2017
Bavaria Bavaria 40 North Hero, VT
I have a Bavaria 40, 2002. The engine hours LCD went dark in 2019 while on an extended cruise. The LCD reappeared briefly after about 9 months, long enough to get the reading of the hours. I'm thinking that the analog meter, which has both rpm's and engine hours, will need to be replaced. The question from my end is how I might be able to get the hours on a new unit to match the hours on the existing unit, so there is real info on the total m# of actual engine hours. Don't have an answer yet, because its lower on my priority list than other things.