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Catalina22 Cunningham rig

Sep 7, 2021
catalina 22 capri huntington ny
Hello can someone post pictures of their Cunningham rig on the catalina22?
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Welcome to the forum!!

Do an internet search on "Catalina 22 cunningham images" and you will see a few. While not a Catalina 22 the photo and diagram show how the cunningham is rigged. It usually consists of a line which is secured at one end to the mast below the foots of the mainsail, then passed through a cringle in the luff of the sail near the foot, but above the tack, and then led down on the other side to a fitting on the mast or deck and can be lead aft to the cockpit through a cam cleat as shown in the diagram on the right. It can include a block and tackle as shown on the Catalina Direct website CunninghamC-22 and C-25 (catalinadirect.com) . The mainsail luff tension is adjusted by a combination of the halyard and cunningham. The attached tuning guide and this link Catalina 22 Tuning Guide | North Sails discuss how the cunningham is used in light, moderate and heavy air.


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