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Catalina Outhaul Mod


Jun 2, 2004
Hunter 35.5 LI, NY
I don’t know the diameter of your boom, but I’m quite sure that a micro block cascade system could be installed. Having said that you could always revert to an external or internal single line lead aft to your cockpit.
The key is to remove as much friction as possible.
May 17, 2004
Other Catalina 30 Tucson, AZ
Don, Do you have suggestions for an outhaul if there is not enough space for blocks like yours between the end of the boom and the clew of the mainsail. I have a Balboa 26.
Do you have enough space for one and it doesn't need to be a triple? You probably don't need a lot of purchase on a B26. I spent a lot of time and drank a few tinny's (Aussie for beer) sitting on the cabin top thinking about how I could get around the outhaul problem on my C30. Eventually, it came to me.