Capri 16.5 spooling jib

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Tim Wolfe

Beginning sailor, recently bought used Capri 16.5 which seems to be in very good shape. The forestay is a "spooling" jib which seems to have some problems. The head of the sail slides down the forestay wire, and the sail hangs up in unwinding at about the last three revolutions of the spool. Is this fixable? I tied the head of the sail to the swivel so its doesn't slide down, but it doesn't seem to furl very tightly and the spool still doesn't unwind totally without alot of effort. Is this sail shot? Do the wires of spooled jibs become "denatured" so that they don't furl? Any help would be appreciated.

David Budd

Capri 16.5 "furling jib"

These jib systems are generally referred to as "furling" jibs. It sounds as though you have already solved the problem with your sail sliding down the head stay. It should be attached very firmly at the top swivel. The problem with not being able to unfurl the jib all the way usually is the result of not easing the furling line completely. The furling line runs from the furling drum at the deck back to a cleat next to the mast. Make sure this line is released in order to unfurl the jib. Usually if it is, the wind will instantly fully unfurl your jib. A problem some people have is that when pulling on the furling line to furl the jib, the jib will not furl completely. Make sure both jib sheets are fully eased and if neccessary, you may have to make a few extra wraps of the furling line around the drum (while the jib is unfurled) in order to be able to fully furl it. Good luck and enjoy your Capri 16.5.

Ray Sacks

Survey of 16.5 performance

Dear Tim, I am going to buy a 16.5 this spring. I would like to know if you are happy with the boat. How well does it sail. is it a tender boat or is it stiff. Thanks for your help Ray Sacks
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