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C22 Weight?

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Trying to figure out if our truck can pull our 1978 C22 that we just bought. It does not list the weight of the boat anywhere in the literature.

Tim Daley

C-22 weight

I am not sure about the 78 model but my 87 with swing keel shows a displacement weight of 2250 lbs. Of course, any gear and the weight of the trailer would be extra


Chevy 4x4

We recently purchased a 1977 C22. My Chevy 4x4 pulls it just fine. The previous owner of the boat tried to pull it with a Nissan 4-cylinder truck, and he had a lot of trouble getting it out of the water. I estimate the combined weight of our boat and trailer at around 3500 lbs.


C22 weight

The specs page at this site lists the displacement of a 22mkII at 2290#. Typically, displacement is the weight of the craft loaded at waterline, crew, gear, etc. However this list also gives a capri 13 only 138# displacement. Therefore I would say 2290 is the boats empty weight! As to towing, a friend of mine pulled his 22 with a Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0 engine. It would pull the weight fine but there was considerable bobbing and weaving as the trailer would surge against the truck! The 22 is not a light craft and due care should be taken to trail it safely!



Little over 2000 pounds for my C-22 MK II, I tow it with a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a 87 El Comino. No Problem

Jim Johnstone

2350 +++

My 81 C22 displaces 2350 # for the Hull and all std equipment, Add for the motor, anchors, life jackets, other gear and you could easdily have 2500 #, Add again for the trailer 800 - 1000#. Total is around 3500 #. I pull mine with a Pontiac Montana minivan that has a trailer towing package. I must pull with transmission locked in 3rd gear and leave plenty of room for braking (no trailer brakes). The long wheelbase of the van is nice but it is very weak on power and breaking. Longer wheelbase vehicles will give a better ride when pulling the C22. I estimate something larger than 4.0 Litres of engine size would be about the minimum. Make sure you have a transmission cooler. If your trailer does not have surge brakes, I would recommend them. Many people have had a problem with blown tires on single axle C22 trailers. This can be due to underinflation or wrong tire selection. Each tire must carry 1750 # and most passenger car tires are not capable of this load so good trailer tires are a must. Happy trails to you!


C 22 tow vehicle

We bought a 74 Cat 22 early this spring and have been pulling it comfortably with a Ranger 4.0ltr 4x4. Single axle, no trailer brakes SIX PLY TRAILER TIRES--strong emphasis. Using the Ranger we can load some of the heavier items in the bed until launching and keep the trailer weight down. We load for two days and a night without any problems. The low range helps on pulling out. Common sense and moderate speed are essential.
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