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c22 lockdown bolt stuck

  • Thread starter Luther Ludwig (lludwig@mindspring.com)
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Luther Ludwig (lludwig@mindspring.com)

We bought an "86(?) c22 last year. It's been fun learning to sail. The keel lock down bolt appeared stuck, and I was told the centerboard is only partially lowered (about 45 degrees) with the cable fully out (slack). My manual doesn't say whether the lever is to be moved clockwise or counterclockwise to lock or unlock. I was finally able to turn it with the help of an extra lever, but it doesn't seem to affect the centerboard extension. Any clues?


If you can get a look at it . . .

. . . underwater, that would tell you exactly how far down the keel is going. The keel bolt bolt could be holding the keel up. Also, there may be marine growth built up in the keel trunk. The first step is to get a good look at the keel in its lowered position. You could do this in about 6' of clear/calm water. Regards, Ted

Ed P.

It's a Standard Thread

The keel locking bolt is a standard thread that turns counter-clockwise to loosen. You should be able to take it completely out (don't while the boat is in the water) and check the threads for wear. The keel itself does not sit at a perfect 90 degree angle to the hull, so the only way to know for sure how far it's down is to look at it under water. If you can, try moving the keel from side to side. If there's a bit of play in it, then you know the lock down bolt is not engaged. Fair Winds Ed P. "See Da Moon" S/N 13106
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