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C&C 44 Cabin Top

Apr 21, 2021
C&C 44 Manchester, MA
I removed the section that covers that sliding companionway hatch to clean and re-bed everything. There were two plastic panel glued over those two holes just aft of the mast that I will replace. Presumably the plastics covers were added after the fact to keep water out since the forward end of the cover that I removed (shown in the second picture) has large open slats in . There is a 4" open area between the raised cabin top decking and the interior ceiling of the cabin. Does anyone know where this drains IF water gets in. It seems any water that got in around the base of the mast would collect in that compartment and I'm wondering where It would drain to?
Thanks in advance to anyone who knows this answer specifically for a C&C 44 and can help.