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build question



I've been looking at the Tattoo ads and stuff and trying to decide if I should get one of these new ones or a Macgregor 26M. It looks like the Mac 26M but does it use they same parts? what changes did they make in the new boat/ Any options that aren't on the 26M?


Apr 22, 2012
Unsure Unsure Florida
I have several postings on this board regarding 26M and Tattoo that you should read. I was going through this process last year just as Roger closed the factory. I went down and visited him as he had about 10 finished boats still at the factory. I think Roger did a great job in designing these boats and the Tattoo isn't that different other than color scheme and minor modifications. The more I learn about these boats the more I realize how important it is to read a lot and carefully consider how you are going to use the boat, so that you'd outfit it according to your use. BWY website is also very informative.