B 40

Apr 7, 2006
An interesting article in 'Good Old Boat' about the Bermuda 40. Amazing how similar they are to the Challenger. I definately prefer the style cabin trunk on a Challenger but I'm amazed the even have a 5/8" bronze board as well. I also didn't realize how many were built and as late as the 1990's.

I do take exception to the claim that they are best........ Tom I think this derserves a rebuttal:)


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Jun 22, 2004
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They are a great boat, best though, that's pretty subjective from our end. I've studied them quite a bit and have a history account of the company and the B40. Off hand, they did about 100 B40's in three different models. The biggest change was when they went to the Mark III and made a taller rig and a higher aspect short footed main. Interestingly though, except for that model, the B40 rates slower than the Challenger in phrf.

They command high prices as boats often nearly as old as ours which I think is good for our boats values. Of course part of that value is the high level of maintenance they enjoy from owners who enjoy the Hinckley mystique. I think we could benefit from some of that "mystique" , as well. After all, the Challenger is at least 90% of what a B40 is in size and actual use on the water in my mind, for a whole lot less investment.

We just spent a few days up in Northeast Harbor so were surrounded by many. In a place like that, our boats stand out. So if they get "best" we easily get unique Jon.


Aug 22, 2020
Hinckley B40 Royal Oak
I recently bought a ‘78 Hinckley B40 and am baffled at some of the switches and could sure use some help/advice. First, there is a furling main that is very difficult to unfurl and maybe the main sheet is just stiff or The Barent winch is too weak. But there is a weird S shaped switch in the mast that seems to have no purpose. Could be a Selden furling system? What is the S lever for?

second, I am baffled by the electrical panel and in general the switches. Two switches for everything. Seems almost like you have to turn on the x switch labeled Y to power on the Z switch labeled Q. I could use some advice on what these all mean. For starters, there are two lever switches and a pull switch over the volt meters, labeled Starting, Prime, and Lighting. Help?
May 1, 2011
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Nothing like re-opening an 11-year old post! I have no idea how to help. Could you post some photos? :beer: