Almost officially official. Catalina 400

Sep 11, 2019
Catalina 40 mk ii Maui
If the lending company sends the check tomorrow to the owner, I’ll be the new owner of a Catalina 400. I’m really excited. It’s on Oahu. I live and work on Maui. So hopefully the first, I’ll sail her across the channel. The boats in good shape, needs some things like every boat. I’m just posting this because I’m excited. I am having issues trying to find and get on the Catalina 400 owner forum. Any help appreciated with a link or new link.
After bringing it to Maui to enjoy for a couple months, it will go strait to dry dock either on Oahu or the big island. I’ve got some immediate projects that I’m in no hurry on. The rigging I believe is original so I’ll consider replacing items after a rig inspection. Ill have a lot of questions. I’ve looked over Catalina direct and am mostly impressed with that site. I know I’ve introduced myself already and asked a few questions but still trying to get accustomed to this forum.

Are there any owners here on Maui?
590 of solar. 400 of lithium. All bng electronics. Fuel polisher. 57 hp. Electric winch that’s brand new not wired up yet. I bought a parallel kit to parallel two Honda 2000. The unit is a wen. It has a 30 amp plug. I will only use it if for whatever reason I wanted to run the air conditioner. There’s 100 amp alternator the po installed but didn’t wire yet. There’s a number of new items he bought in perpetration for South Pacific crossing but his plans changed. I’m not sure if I run only the air conditioner, if the 30 amp is enough. I’m not an electrical engineer. It’s a single 16 k btu. I’ll be on my mooring most of the time. Eventually I would like to put a panda 4.2 in one of the lazarets. I got the boat 40 k less than asking price but the asking price was quite a bit higher for the age and condition. It was built in 2000. Sold in 20o2 650 hours on the main. One thing I need to replace is the wheel. It’s pitted in a weird way. I don’t believe it’s corrosion but not sure what else it could be. I could use help finding another wheel. I need to replace the stuffing box assembly per survey. The bottom needs paint and in my opinion is in great shape with a dozen minor things that could use attention. I love the hard dodger but it needs new clear vinyl windows. Can’t remember what you call the clear windows. Comes with another forsail. Comes with spinnaker. I can’t wait to see what shape I can get her in by this time next year. A little extra thing I’m doing is putting outriggers on. For now, they’re 14 foot outriggers that are collapsible. I agree just a couple hand lines are all that’s needed but as a charter captain on sportfishing boats, I’d like to put out a full spread and see what happens. I just bought four new bottom rods. I’ll be doing quite a bit of fishing and cruising on the weekends with Tahiti as my goal in five years.
thanks for listening


Nov 8, 2007
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Congratulations! Sounds like a great find.

I guess my first question is, “Why outriggers?” While they could give you a flatter ride as winds pick up, reefing will accomplish the same ends. And the outriggers will actually reduce safety in a big storm by preventing recovery from a capsize. You are buying a boat that already has OK blue water stability.

Fair winds and following seas as you bring her home to Maui.


Apr 2, 2013
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Outriggers, for fishing.....
I've been thinking of using one on my boat as well, but not sure I want an upset salmon flopping around the cockpit. But I'll probably do it one day.
Congrats on the great boat!
Sep 11, 2019
Catalina 40 mk ii Maui
The outriggers are for fishing. The boat seems to move at pretty good speeds. There’s spots on weekend trips where I can load up on fish hopefully under sail only. A few large fish bags and I can make quite a bit of money selling the fish here on Maui. So kill three birds with one stone. Fish and sail for fun and help with the bills. Also I’m interested in bottom fishing deep with electric reels in the future. Good extra money there too.
Oct 22, 2014
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Tim.. Exciting opportunity for you. May the check clear... quickly.

The 400 is a beautiful boat with lots of capability.

Not too sure about the "out riggers". They just might get in the way of your sailing. I've seen hand lines behind the transom and a pole or two splayed out to the side, but all of these were quickly retrievable when the sailing dictated that they get stowed below. Out riggers would be like having 2 spinnaker poles to stow. I am sure it can be done just not my first choice of an idea.

It would be quite a circus handling 2 hand lines and an outrigger hit while trying to control the boat and land all of the fish. Fishing boats have an advantage. Open, move about room on the stern.

Send pictures. Congrats on the new to you boat.


Feb 11, 2017
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Congratulations Tim! I know the feeling, I just bought my boat a little over a month ago and waiting for the check to go through was almost painful and felt like it took way longer than it really did.
Sep 11, 2019
Catalina 40 mk ii Maui
It was about a 9 month process in a way to get this boat. I lost my last 40 ted brewer in a storm in February. I was getting back on my feet when I spent 2.5 months and about five grand in escrow on a 43 Bruce Roberts that sank in its slip after I demanded a haulout survey. Bottom was trashed. Broker said he fixed the bottom after I walked away. I didn’t even want to offer a dollar. So maybe two months after that and I hope she’s mine next week.
the outriggers are collapsible and will always be way out of the way of normal functions. I’m not sure how it will work out but easy to give it a try. Being a fisherman on sportfishing boats it may be frustrating or with the right crew, awesome. I already have all the tackle needed. Tiagra 50s.
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Sep 11, 2019
Catalina 40 mk ii Maui
May 25, 2004
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the catalina 400 group is migrating from yahoo to
do a search and itll come up. all the files not there yet.
i suggested that they contact here to move the group, but dont think that happened.