adjustable outhaul

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Jun 1, 2007
Macgregor 26S Hobie TI Ridgway Colorado
I used an adjustable outhaul on a windsurfer for years and it makes a big difference. I have a loose footed main on the 26 classic and first put in an 8:1 outhaul with the line lead to a cleat in the cockpit. I dumped the 8:1 as it didnt release well in lighter winds and went to a 4:1. I also changed some angles on the control (per advice here). Still doesnt release well.

But Im finding that I just dont use the outhaul very much - and it also doesnt do that much that I can see. I have tended to set it once or twice on a many hour sailing outing. Ill flatten the sail if its getting pretty windy and loosen for lighter winds but dont find much reason to constanly adjust like I did with the windsurfer outhaul.

So Im thinking of simplyfing and going back to a cleat on the boom with 4:1 to make the boat setup quicker, less complicated. Ill have to get hold of the boom to adjust out on the water but really dont think this will be much of a problem..

Im curiuos about others experience using the adjustable outhaul.
Jun 3, 2004
Prindle 18, beach catamaran Chicago (North Edgebrook), IL
No one bites

I have a Mac25, and since no one has replied, I thought I would chime in.

I find my outhaul does not do much either. I should disclaim my mainsail is on it's last legs. If it was in better shape, maybe it would make a difference. Sorry I am not much help, but at least your question gets bumped back to 24 hour activity!


Mar 26, 2007
Venture 22 Marina del Rey
My outhaul line

hangs from the middle of the boom and can be tightened by someone standing in the hatchway, I can loosen it from the side, doesn't complicate setup, I only adjust it when wind conditions change, so it doesn't get moved all that often. A side benefit is when I drop the main, I can wrap the tail of the line around the boom to secure the sail. Tim


Mar 15, 2008
MacGregor 26D Valparaiso, Indiana
I've just....

allways just used the cleat on my Mac26. I am not into racing (any more) and find it is easier and simpler to just tighten the foot and go. If I was concerned with "perfect trim" and squeezing an extra .01 - .5kn out, that is a different story. Going back to a cleat with 4:1, what will you gain? Maybe an extra 1/4" on the line, is it worth the expense in hardware; unless you already have it on hand... Just MHO...

Apr 21, 2006
Macgregor 26X Pirates Cove, Alabama
8:1 Outhaul

Started using my new 8:1 outhaul this Spring and like it a lot. And yes sometimes in light air it will be slow to release, then I just give it a pull manually, and off it goes. I managed to put the blocks inside the boom with the line coming back to the cockpit, which was kind of tricky.

I really like having more control on sail shape.
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