Abaco Design n°143


Sep 16, 2013
Morgan 321 Snead's Ferry, NC
Hello everybody,
We have recently bought an John Alden schooner called Abaco, the design number 143. We have received a copy of the originals plans from NHYD enabling us to start a complete renovation of her. We are very lucky in that, she seems to be nearly original.
Unfortunately we have very little knowledge of her history.
In 1922 she was built for Mr Saltonstall and she was called Abaco.
Later she was renamed Coronet, by whom and when, we do not know.
In 1983 to 1997, she was owned by Mr R. Lankshear who called her Thirsty Major.
1997 to 2007, Mr P. Warburton was the proud owner and renamed her Abaco.
In 2007 to 2012, Mr K. Woodside bought her renaming her yet again this time to Leonora.
We bought her in 2012 and promptly renamed her Abaco again !!!!!
This is all the information we have of her.
We would love to know her history and to have copies of any photographs.
Hoping that you will be able to help us.
Many thanks in advance
Amandine and Jamie


Alden Forum Moderator
Jan 24, 2006
Alden Caravelle 42 / Northern European waters
You haven't had much joy on here Amandine and Jamie. Trouble is that we're all about the first generation of "Alden Fiberglass Boats". It would be wonderful if someone started a similar board for the non-fiberglass Aldens...

Abaco looked stunning on launching according to the photo at the now MIT database; one of the boats that inform where ours come from. For example, Clifford Swaine, who drew the Alden Caravelle, was working with Alden from the early 1920s according to the late Niels Helleberg.

Fair winds to her and to you.