1999 Hunter 340 Questions


Jul 17, 2020
Hunter 376 Washburn, WI on Lake Superior
Hello all,

We looked at a 1999 Hunter 340 yesterday. The boat needs a little bit of work (the galley stove needs replacing, some instruments missing, etc, older infrastructure) but over all it appears to be ship worthy and I'm probably handy enough to do most of the work myself. I do have some familiarity with the 340, as my dad owns a 2001 vintage, I do think it would be exciting to own one myself. If we decide to make an offer we'll get a survey, of course, but want to work out details before we get to that step.

We did come away with a few questions (one specific, one general). The existing owners (who have only owned the boat for a year, selling due to health issues) were not much help in answering any of our questions.

1. There appears to be a vinyl covered foam material covering some of interior, specifically on the haul--for instance, in the aft stateroom above the berth. In that space the bottom section has come unglued and has discoloration. I'm assuming this is due to water. I'm not sure if this is a condensation problem (the boat has been sailed in Lake Superior, so cold water + humidity can result in a lot of condensation) or if there was a leak from above (perhaps the arch?). FWIW we did not see any water stains on the teak. Two part question:
a. have others experienced this, is it the sign of a bigger problem (I.E. a leak)?
b. what have others done to repair something similar--remove the vinyl/foam? Is there a replacement option? Just clean it up and use adhesive to glue it back down?

2. Are there any other "gotcha" areas that we should be aware of with the 1999 version? My dad has related his own areas that required attention, although over all I think he's kept his boat in better condition than the one we viewed. There are some structural differences (stainless arch vs. fiberglass, he has in mast furling, this boat does not, etc.), not sure if these differences create additional caution areas that we should consider/investigate before making an offer.

Thanks for reading and considering!
Jun 4, 2004
Hunter 340 Forked River, NJ
I had a 2000 H340. The aft berth sits on a shelf that extends aft under the aft bukhead. That shelf also suppports the fuel tank on the port side and the holding tank to starboard. Any water leaking into the areas behind the bulkhead will seep into the aft stateroom and stain the walls and mattress. My boat had a leak around the arch bolts and at the shore power inlet fixture.
Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
a. have others experienced this, is it the sign of a bigger problem (I.E. a leak)?
Had a leak back there and presume it originated in the Twilight Zone. Never did find it and never had any further problems. Strip off the old vinyl and watch the area for a few months during heavy rains. Seems messy and barbaric ? ? ? ? Welcome to boating.

b. what have others done to repair something similar--remove the vinyl/foam? Is there a replacement option?
Found an exact replacement at a re-upholsteror. Used a spray can adhesive and it stuck very nicely. The SBO chandelry here may have a lead in sourcing the material.
Jul 29, 2004
Hunter 340 Lake Lanier, GA
I have owned a '99 H340 for 16 years now, on a freshwater lake north of Atlanta. No issues with the vinyl "hull-paper" except for some occasional mildew stbd side aft berth area. I have found it a good performing cruising boat with good systems and equipment. Still on original sails and standing rigging, and about 800 hours on the engine. No complaints for the way we use it (day sails, a few overnights at anchor), and no real trouble areas to watch for. Good luck!
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Also look under archives for information from Jim Seamans s as he wrote a lot and was respected. I forgot the name of boat. Maybe others can chime in