1. C

    Reef rigging / outhaul rigging

    I would like to add a simple reefing system on my Newport 28. The sail looks to be set up for 2 reef points with cringles. However, I'm unsure how the reefing may have been done in the past. I'm trying to wrap my head around the current hardware installed on the boom and how the outhaul is...
  2. C

    Added a second battery and solar panel.

    Finally added a second battery and solar panel to my 1979 Newport 28. The boat originally had one battery, a 1/2/off/both switch, no inboard atomic 4, questionable shore charging capabilities, but does have a 9.9 HP outboard. For peace of mind I wanted to add a second battery and a solar panel...
  3. Chrissie7785

    Hoist a Newport 17?

    Does anyone know if the Newport 17 can be hoisted on a crane and lifted onto the water using hoist straps? We're currently launching it on a trailer down the boat ramp using our car but we'd like to use the cranes instead, if we can, to lift it off the trailer onto the water. There appear to be...
  4. M

    Replacement rubber window seals - Newport 28

    I have a 1983 Newport 28 MKII. The rubber seals around the windows need to be replaced. I know they don't make them any more. Does anyone know where I can purchase replacements that will work?