1. Y

    Irwin 37 ketch mast head replacement

    Below are pics of the top of my main masthead. There is a triangular shaped plate, mounted on a hinge for a masthead light. During transport of the boat, that SS plate was lost. Any advice on replacing it? Anyone with an Irwin with a similar configuration? Pics of your current configuration? It...
  2. S

    Irwin 25 - boom vang and bilge pump

    Does anyone have experience with an Irwin 25? I have two main questions (and 100,000,000 other questions): 1) Mine didn't come with an automatic bilge pump and appears to not ever have been set up with one. There's no tubing and it doesn't appear that there ever was as there's no obvious...
  3. Kalo

    Rigging tension Pearson 35

    I am searching for standing rig tension specs. I have 1/4 forstay, aft and shrouds and 7/32 sways. Loos guide places at 1300 on 1/4 and 1000 on 7/32. I did this but I am hearing the lines strummed by 10-14mph winds at berth. Thanks in advance !