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    Rudder Replacement Is HDPE Worth it?

    I own a S2 6.9 and I was out sailing my 22ft boat a few days ago in 15-20 knots of wind with 3-4 ft rollers. During the sail, my rudder broke barely above the waterline. I am looking at replacing it and I have had a few quotes on some glassed rudders. However I saw a kick up rudder from rudder...
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    O'Day 272 Rudder Replacement

    Hello all, I have a 1986 272 with a tiller. My rudder is full of water so I'm looking at options and looking for feedback. I don't really have the time to cut open, refoam, and reskin the existing rudder. I wouldn't mind the project... just don't have the time. I know there are less time...