1. Ken13559

    SS U-Mixing Elbow

    About 2+years ago I fitted an SS U-MIXING Elbow bought from eBay. First year check, I reported the U elbow to be in great shape and no rust build up whatsoever. Now pass 2nd year, I've checked the U elbow and glad to report that it's still as clear of any rust or fouling. Totally as good as new!!
  2. Ken13559

    1 year on, SS U Mixing Elbow

    Glad to report that after 1 year (~120hrs) running, the eBay SS U Mixing elbow shows no sign of corrosion or fouling. All i found was some layer of carbon. I know I've micro-soot bubble issue but that from engine itself. Normally after a year with Yanmar stock U Mixing elbow there'll be some...