coast guard

  1. R

    Submitting Coast Guard Documentation Applications

    I found out today that you can email (or fax) applications to the coast guard. Documents may be mailed or faxed to the NVDC using the information on page one (1) or sent via e-mail to: Attached is the instructions for to EXCHANGE where I found this.
  2. DianaOfBurlington

    US Federal Documentation

    Has anyone ever successfully documented a Hunter 25? By my understanding the '5-ton' requirement is achievable in that the USCG always considers a vessel as able to be loaded to within a fraction of an inch of being swamped, in calm weather (it's a theoretical thing). The H25 displaces between...
  3. S

    Importing boat into Canada

    I'm buying and importing a 32' sailboat from Michigan into Ontario, Canada. I plan to drive into the U.S and sail the boat across Lake Huron making several overnight stops along the way. Can anyone tell me what documentation and process I need to follow while sailing in the US in order to...